Microsoft Money Procedures

B-M S Federal Credit Union now supports downloading Direct Statements into Microsoft Money or Quicken!

This service allows you to directly download your account activity for all of your Share and Share Draft accounts at B-M S Federal Credit Union into Microsoft Money or Quicken.

What you need before you set up Microsoft Money to connect to
B-M S FCU from your computer.

  • Microsoft Money 2000 or later installed on your personal computer.
  • An Internet connection.

What you need from B-M S Federal Credit Union.

  • Your Username and Password for Net Access.
  • Your account number and the suffix number for each of your accounts at B-M S FCU. Account suffixes are as follows:
  • Main Share (savings) - 0
  • Share Draft (Checking) - 9
  • Sub-Share (savings) - 1
  • Money Market Account - 3
  • Holiday Club - 2
  • Vacation Club - 4
  • Senior Account - 5
  • Internet Explorer 4.0 or later with 128-bit encryption. If you do not have 128-bit encryption loaded, you will be prompted to download it on the Online Setup menu. Downloading will take some time.

How to set up Quicken

  1. Click the Home tab at the top of the Quicken window.
  2. Click Get Started in the See Where Your Money Goes section.
  3. Enter B-M S Federal Credit Union or B-M S FCU.
  4. Enter your Net Access login information
  5. Click Connect.
  6. Set preferences for your Quicken accounts.

The following is a summary of the steps to set up your B-M S Federal Credit Union account in Microsoft Money. Please refer to Money's Help for more detailed information.

  1. Open your Microsoft Money program. Click on the Accounts screen, then click on the New Account button.
  2. In the "This Account is Held at" box, type "B-M S FCU" and click Next.
  3. Select the type of account that you have, typically either Checking or Savings and click Next.
  4. Money will prompt you with a suggested name for the account, for example "B-M S FCU Checking". If you only have one savings or checking account, you can use the suggested name. If you have several savings and checking accounts, it is suggested that you add the suffix number to the end of the name. For example, "B-M S FCU Checking-9". Your accounts can be renamed at a later time. Click Next.
  5. When prompted for your account number, enter your account number and suffix separated by a dash '-'. Click Next.
  6. When prompted for the opening balance, click Next and accept the default of zero, you will be downloading actual balances into Money at a later time.
  7. Click on "I have other accounts at this Institution" and then Next to repeat steps 3-6. Or, if you have entered all of your B-M S Savings or Checking account information, click on Next.
  8. Click on "Go to Online setup for B-M S FCU", then click Finish.
  9. In the Online Setup screen, click option 2 "Investigate Offerings".
  10. Make sure that "Use my existing Internet Connection" is selected and click Next.
  11. Make sure that "B-M S FCU" or "B-M S Federal Credit Union" is entered on the financial institution line and click Next.
  12. Money will then contact the Microsoft list of financial institutions and locate the B-M S name. This may take a few moments.
  13. The search results window should list "B-M S FCU " on the list. If so, then click Next. If the window does not display the B-M S FCU name, it may be listed differently. Click the Back key and check to see if the name is listed something other than "B-M S FCU", then try again.
  14. Money will then download the latest information on financial services offered by B-M S FCU. The screen displays, "You've now completed Step #2." Click Next.
  15. You will be returned to the Online Setup screen. You may review options #3 and #4 for further information on B-M S FCU. Select option #5 when you are ready to setup Direct Statements service.

The following is a summary of the steps to set up Direct Statements service for your B-M S Federal Credit Union account(s) in Microsoft Money. Please refer to Money's Help for more detailed information. In no way will downloading of Direct Statements from B-M S affect the delivery of your normal monthly or quarterly mailed statements

  1. Select option #5 from the Online Setup screen of Microsoft Money.
  2. Click Next.
  3. If you have your Username and Password for B-M S Home Banking, click on Yes and then click Next.
  4. Enter your Username (usually the same as your account number with no suffix). Click Next.
  5. Enter your Password and click Connect.
  6. Money will inform you that it is establishing a secure connection. If you already have 128-bit encryption, you will go to the next step, if not Money will prompt you with a link to download it from Microsoft. Follow this link and instructions. This is a lengthy process, but it is necessary to ensure added security.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact