About Us

B-M S Federal Credit Union was chartered in 1954 as Squibb Local 438. Our name was changed twice in the ensuing years until 1990 when we officially became B-M S Federal Credit Union. The credit union grew slowly but steadily until 1990, at which time new management, new office locations, and many new services started to be introduced.

Since 1990 we have grown from $14 million to our present $100 million in assets. Presently, our credit union operates 5 branches located in New Jersey.

The credit union serves all employees of Bristol-Myers Squibb Corporation and its wholly-owned subsidiaries located within the continental United States, and their family members, as well as employees and family members of:

  • Accenture, LLC
  • Aerotek
  • Alpha Consulting
  • Amylin, OH
  • AVS - Audio Visual Services
  • Bancroft Construction
  • Belmont Communications, Inc.
  • Bracco
  • Convergence Group
  • Greenkey, LLC
  • Flextime Solutions
  • Greenkey, LLC
  • JCI - Johnson Controls, Inc.
  • JLL
  • Matlen Silver
  • Mindlance, Inc.
  • Niksun, Inc.
  • Pharmaceutical Product Development
  • SBM
  • Securitas
  • Sodexho
  • Spectrix Analytical Services, LLC
  • Spectrix Analytical Services, Inc.